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The Cath PCI Registry provides decision-making information that helps facilities focus on the appropriate use of PCI within your facility, help reduce avoidable bleeding complications, identify each facility’s areas of excellence, as well as opportunities for improvement and to validate the use of best practices and application of performance measures.

To assist our client hospitals, R.A.M. HCG’s NCDR Cath PCI abstractors are experienced, professional and remain up to date on all industry standards.

R.A.M. HCG also believes that Quality is the cornerstone of our company. To ensure this quality, each of R.A.M. HCG’s employees are:

  • Tested
  •  Maintain Production Expectations
  •  W2 – with access to full benefits
  •  401(k)w/ matching
  •  FSA/HSA
  •  PTO/Vacation/Sick Time
  •  Medical/Dental/Vision

R.A.M. HCG has the qualifications to support CoC, NAPBC and non-credentialed state reporting facilities to provide support for short term, long term, and complete outsourcing of:

  • Registry Operations which include, but are not limited to, Abstraction, Follow-Up and Case-finding
  • Back log support to meet deadlines
  • Complete department outsourcing
  • Data submissions
  • ACoS accreditation support / management / assessment
  • Coordination of registry programs including Cancer Conferences and Tumor Board
  • Mentorship Program

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