R.A.M. Healthcare Consulting Group

Nearly 20 years ago, R.A.M. Healthcare Consulting Group, Inc (R.A.M. HCG) was founded with one basic principle, to provide our clients and employees the best possible service and support.

R.A.M. HCG assists Hospitals with staffing needs by employing highly experienced Healthcare professionals. R.A.M. HCG is a quality-driven organization with a well-developed process that monitors all testing criteria and compliance, ensuring a smooth on-boarding process. 

R.A.M. HCG assists facilities in the following areas:

  • Oncology Data Management
  • Trauma Registry
  • Stroke Program
  • Clinical Documentation Integrity
  • Case Management / Social Work
  • Utilization Review
  • Health Information Management
  • NCDR CathPCI Registry

Oncology Data Management

At R.A.M. Healthcare Consulting Group, Inc. (R.A.M. HCG), we believe that superior Oncology Data Management services remain paramount to our core principles. We strive for consistency by providing quality audits and educational resources to our CTRs to support their skill set, which in turn supports our clients.

R.A.M. HCG continues to recruit and invest in high quality candidates. All our employees must meet and fulfill the requirements below:

R.A.M. HCG has the qualifications to support CoC, NAPBC and non-credentialed state reporting facilities to provide support for short term, long term, and complete outsourcing of:

Trauma Registry

R.A.M. Healthcare Consulting Group, Inc. (R.A.M. HCG) is able to assist with all levels of Trauma Registry and well as Process Improvement (PIRN) needs. 

R.A.M. HCG also believes that Quality is the cornerstone of our company. To ensure this quality, each of R.A.M. HCG’s employees:

Stroke Program

R.A.M. Healthcare Consulting Group, Inc. (R.A.M. HCG) has always focused on providing quality support services for our clients. This incudes quality Stroke Abstraction for our client’s Stroke Program.

We make sure that each of our experienced Stroke Abstractors are meeting or exceeding standards for accuracy and productivity. R.A.M. HCG’s quality Stroke Abstractors are experienced with GWTGs and can assist both Primary and Comprehensive Stroke Registries.

Whether it is a short-term backlog that needs to be cleared or a long-term staff augmentation, R.A.M. HCG is here to provide accurate and quality support for your Stroke Program needs.

R.A.M. HCG only employs W2 employees who are offered medical, dental, PTO, 401(k) w/matching and other benefits. This helps us attract and retain top talent that is unrivaled in the industry.

Case Management / Utilization Review

The impact of care management has a direct financial impact on healthcare facilities by reducing the Length of Stay, avoidable days and readmission penalties. RAM HCG is able to assist with both long and short term vacant positions that will allow your facility to maintain a high level of quality care without stretching current staff too thin.

Some of the services that R.A.M. HCG provides are:


Clinical Documentation Integrity

A strong Clinical Documentation plan can lead to a substantial recovery of lost revenue due to a lack of proper physician documentation. This ensures that revenue is optimized, decreased denials from both private and public payers and improves patient care across the board.

R.A.M. HCG is able to provide quality Registered Nurses with a CDS, CCDS-O, or CDIP credential to assist with any staffing shortages or backlogs for both Inpatient and Outpatient CDI needs.
Each of our consultants are:

Health Information Management

R.A.M. HCG has been in business since 2005 and supports acute care facilities with:

  • HIM Coding
    • Facility
    • Physician/Pro Fee
  • Clinical Documentation Improvement
  • Tumor Registry
  • Auditing

R.A.M. HCG also believes that Quality is the cornerstone of our company. R.A.M. HCG continues to invest in its internal QA program to ensure that each employee remains at the top of their field. To ensure this quality, each of R.A.M. HCG’s employees:


NCDR CathPCI Registry

The Cath PCI Registry provides decision-making information that helps facilities focus on the appropriate use of PCI within your facility, help reduce avoidable bleeding complications, identify each facility’s areas of excellence, as well as opportunities for improvement and to validate the use of best practices and application of performance measures.

To assist our client hospitals, R.A.M. HCG’s NCDR Cath PCI abstractors are experienced, professional and remain up to date on all industry standards.

R.A.M. HCG also believes that Quality is the cornerstone of our company. To ensure this quality, each of R.A.M. HCG’s employees are:


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